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Requirements of ISO 9001:2008 - What is a document

Article: Requirements of ISO 9001:2008 - What is a document

What is a “document”? - Definitions and references

The following are some of the main objectives of an organization’s documentation, independent of whether or not it has implemented a formal QMS;
a) Communication of Information
- as a tool for information transmission and communication. The type and extent of the documentation will depend on the nature of the organization’s products and processes, the degree of formality of communication systems and the level of communication skills within the organization, and the organizational culture.
b) Evidence of conformity
- provision of evidence that what was planned, has actually been done.
c) Knowledge sharing
- to disseminate and preserve the organization’s experiences. A typical example would be a technical specification, which can be used as a base for design and development of a new product.
A list of commonly used terms relating to documentation is presented in Annex A (taken from ISO 9000:2005). It must be stressed that, according to ISO 9001:2008 clause 4.2 Documentation requirements documents may be in any form or type of medium, and the definition of “document” in ISO 9000:2005 clause 3.7.2 gives the following examples:
− paper
− magnetic
− electronic or optical computer disc
− photograph
− master sample
Users are also referred to ISO/TR 10013 Guidelines for quality management systems documentation for further guidance.

Title: Requirements of ISO 9001:2008 - What is a document
Article From: ISO/TC 176/SC 2/N 525R2